Redeeming the Time Seminar


“Do you love life?  Then don’t waste your time!

For that is what life is made of.”  -Ben Franklin  

This motivational message has been presented over 1500 times in 49 states and over twenty foreign countries.  It presents a serious challenge to every Christian to  consider the brevity of life and the value of time.   It gives practical ways to invest time in ways that will matter most in eternity. 

"Redeeming the Time" lays the foundation for the rest of our messages. It should be presented early in the program if possible. Everyone who attends will be offered a free booklet--"Learn how to Wake up and Get Up," a "What does God want me to do right now?" sticker, and plenty of handout material to take home. 
Key points include:

  • The two questions to ask before committing to any activity
  • What it really means to "Number our days"
  • What is the #1 time waster
  • How to stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW!
  • How to find an extra two weeks in every year
  • How to get motivated and stay that way.
  • The two verses from Proverbs which give the real key to redeeming the time 

View a clip of "Redeeming the Time."

Another clip of "Redeeming the Time"--Ways to Redeem the Time

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