How Much Does it Cost to Host a Seminar?

Our ministry's financial policy has always been very simple:

"As our resources permit, we will serve any church or ministry regardless of their ability to contribute financially to our work."

While we understand the need of some to establish fees for this type of ministry, we have not felt led to do so. It is our desire to make our message available to as many souls as possible before our Lord returns, and we never want anyone to feel they cannot host our ministry because of limited resources.

Realizing however, that most hosts will want to help share the load we face in maintaining a traveling ministry such as ours, we offer these guidelines: 


Nearly all of our income is from very gracious pastors who receive offerings at our meetings. In over a decade of ministry we have never made a lengthy or inappropriate plea for funds from anyone's platform.  We are pleased for our host to preside over this part of the service.

Our only request regarding offerings is that they not be received before the message is shared. We feel Christians should only give to a ministry which is Scriptural and is providing a needed message for our day. Since this can only be determined after the message is presented, we request that any offerings for our work be taken only after the message is shared.


In addition to, or in place of an offering, some churches prefer to give an honorarium. We will be happy to come on this basis as well.


For meetings held outside our local area, accommodations may be needed for an overnight stay. Accommodations may be either in a private home or public lodging and need not be elaborate or costly.

While not required, any help with meals while traveling is greatly appreciated. However, in order to reduce commerce on the Lord's day, we request Sunday meals not be in a restaurant if possible. 

Materials Display

For seminars given Monday through Saturday, we request a table be provided to display seminar materials, such as tapes of the messages, which are made available after the meeting. Please let us know if this would ever create a problem. We do not offer material for sale at Sunday seminars.