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Welcome to our online Redeeming the Time course!  Our course is designed to give you an in depth look  at what God says about time management as well as how to overcome procrastination and learning to live in light of eternity.  The course includes a variety of video clips, reading, and thought provoking questions and statements.  For those who take the time to prayerfully apply each segment of the course, the rewards can be tremendous as you learn to apply God's principles in your life.  

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How to complete the course...

1.  Purchase a notebook to keep your notes in. 

2.  Print out the course schedule above and place in the front of your notebook.  As you finish each activity, cross it off and go to the next.

3.  Take the time to faithfully accomplish each goal.  This course will only be as effective as the time and effort that you put into it.  If you are using this course as the parent of a homeschool student, require your students to write a paragraph after each video as well as take the tests and personal evaluations.  Only one video and it's accompanying activities should be finished in a day.   A suggested time frame for a one credit course would be to do one lesson a week with it's accompanying activities.   After each personal evaluation, printable copies of the evaluation should be printed and put into the notebook.  We appreciate your comments and suggestions as well as the reporting of any errors.